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Monday, March 31, 2014

For the Love of Pie

My husband does love a good piece of made-from-scratch pie…  It was how I first talked him into going to Amish Indiana with me.  And just like his love for me, his love for Amish pies is strong, true, and eternal.  But who can blame him?  Look at these pies!

I am not a pie lover, but I am a pie liker.  And I think the ones at Blue Gate Bakery in Shipshewana are the best I’ve ever had.  (The pies pictured here are from the Blue Gate.)  Gary would agree.  But there are many good bakeries in the area, and it’s fun to try them all, especially the smaller mom-and-pop Amish places.  Most tourists are familiar with Essenhaus Bakery in Middlebury and Bread Box Bakery in Shipshewana.  But there are many smaller bakeries in the Shipshe-Middlebury area that are worth a visit, including Country Lane Bakery, Ben’s Bakery, Emma Cafe, and Next Door Neighbor Bakery.

Fresh fruit pies are available seasonally there.  The pecan pies are also very good.  Another Amish specialty is peanut butter chocolate.  But then there are the cream pies, like lemon and chocolate and banana and English toffee; and the pumpkin pie; and the baked fruit pies of every conceivable kind; and then there’s coconut, and rhubarb, and who knows what else?  And the lemon meringue in the photo below certainly speaks for itself!

We never go to Amish Indiana without a cooler in the back of the car.  My husband likes to bring home a few smaller-sized pies and take them to work.  He can polish one of the smaller ones off during a twelve-hour shift.

Blue Gate Bakery has its own website at  But although they ship food via mail order, you can’t get their pies that way.  For those, you need to travel there yourself.  My husband would say, it’s worth the trip.

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