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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Wolfe Field

Did you know that Shipshewana has an airport?

Wolfe Field is located a mile northwest of town, near Shipshewana Lake.  I would guess (but it’s only a guess) that it was named after Edward A. Wolfe, a wealthy and prominent local citizen of the early 1900s, whom I have written about before.

The website says that the airport is privately owned by the Shipshwana Air Association and permission must be granted to land there.  It was established in November 1960, and has no control tower.  The grass runway is 2,600 feet long and 200 feet wide.  Five single-engine airplanes are based there, with an average of 30 flights a week.  97% of these are local aviation, with only 3% being “transient aviation.”

As I suspected, the main users of the airport are the local crop dusters.  The information says, “Heavy agricultural aircraft activity May through October.”  I love seeing the colorful crop dusting planes flying around the countryside!

Wolfe Field also has an unofficial facebook page, which has a very cool picture of a plane coming in as a big storm approaches.

So now you know! 

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