My Thoughts About One of My Favorite Places--Northeastern Indiana's Amish Country

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Window Stickers

Recently my husband Gary drove half a dozen Amish young people to a wedding in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  This is an unusual occurrence; not much intermarriage happens between the Amish here in northeastern Indiana and the Amish in Lancaster County.

He had a few hours to wander around, and he found himself at the Weavertown Coach Shop, where Amish buggies have been made for almost fifty years.  Notice, you can take your horse through the “horse wash”!  (Gary looked around to try and get some photos, but the horse wash was closed.)

Gary took the photo below of the buggies in the lot.  Notice the difference between these rounded, gray buggy tops and the angular, black buggy tops seen in northeastern Indiana.

Below is the “window sticker” for a 80%-new, rebuilt buggy which can be had for $7,995.  (A new one would cost $10,140.)  The buggy has a one year warranty.  Buggies can have thousands of dollars of options and upgrades.  Notice the options listed here, which include a fiberglass body—most of the buggies in northeastern Indiana have a wood body.  This one has upgraded brakes and a swirl navy interior with shag carpeting.

Smaller budget?  Try this older buggy, below, for $2,995.  It is being sold “as is, decent condition.”  It’s a nice buggy, similar to the first one, but probably quite a bit older.

 Some of the local buggies resemble pickup trucks, with an open back for cargo.  (Gary calls them “Amish El Caminos.”)  He took this brief video of one of them:

I’ve written about the Amish buggies in northeastern Indiana, here.