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Monday, January 17, 2022

...and Favorite Facebook Photos from 2020

I post a lot of photos on my Amish Indiana facebook page that don't make it to this blog...  Here are a few of my favorites from 2020.  I forgot to post them a year ago, but better late than never!

Amishmen in this area are using tractors these days, mostly on the roads.  They buy up a lot of the older tractors that come up for sale, like this one.

Here's a tractor pulling an extra-large load of hay.  My husband calls these tractors "trucktors," since the Amish use them like trucks.  Luckily, they're usually in the buggy lane!  At this point, the local and state governments are not clamping down on making these "trucktors" or wagons be licensed.  We'll see what the future holds.

This man makes rag rugs and sells them.  It's fascinating to watch.  The rugs are reasonably priced and available for sale at his farm.  Below are some examples of his work.

One of my friends has a husband and six sons, so she launders a lot of pants!  They are the "broadfall pants" style that Amishmen wear.

I love seeing beauty in unexpected places, like this petunia display by the side of the road.

I took this at my friend Lora's home.  Very few Amish farmhouses have a fireplace; this one is gas-powered and was part of a major remodel that they did a few years back.  The living room furniture is centered around it, and it also makes a good place to dry laundry!  The rope and pulley arrangement is something she repurposed from their hay barn.

I took this at the same farm where I took the photo of the pants on the clothesline.

This one pulls at my heartstrings...  A guest of mine took this photo of me as I was singing to my beloved "Mrs. R," who passed away a few months ago.  (I wrote about that here.)

And then there's this homemade pony cart...   I think this was an experiment that probably didn't work out so well!  (It did work with a real pony, though.)

And here's a bonus:  A video.  I took it as I sat outside a "shop building" on an Amish farm where some youth were practicing for a musical program.  Enjoy...

See my Facebook page for lots more photos.

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