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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Yoder Popcorn: An Update

I wrote about Yoder Popcorn a few years back, in this post, when they were located out in the country south of Shipshewana. 

That building is now a veterinarian’s office, and Yoder Popcorn has moved to a big new location at the south end of town.  It’s located at the corner of State Road 5 and U.S. 20—the corner known around here as “5 & 20.”  The building houses Five Lakes Coffee, the Corn Crib Café, a beauty shop, and a medical office, but today we’re focusing on the main event!

So I stopped in the other day to take some pictures of the new shop and pick up a supply of our favorite—microwave with butter—that has spoiled us for any other brand!...  They’ve got all the old favorites here, and room for more.

There are lots of varieties of popcorn, of course (both regular and microwave) which is locally grown; seasonings; popcorn poppers of every kind; bowls, and anything else popcorn-related.

This corn crib has a door in it that leads to the hallway that runs to the restrooms and also to Five Lakes Coffee and the Corn Crib Café.  Cute touch!

Yoder Popcorn has a special tractor for competitive tractor pulls...  It is yellow, and it has the best name ever.  What a beast!! 

For more information on Yoder Popcorn, take a look at their website, here.

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