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Saturday, February 11, 2023

Taking a Tour

Hello, dear readers!

Spring is coming, and some of you may be planning a visit to Amish Indiana.  If you’re here to dine and shop, have fun!  But if you have lots of questions and want to take a deep dive into learning about the Amish culture, I am available for private tours.  More information below.


FAQ on Private Tours

1.      Where do we start? 
     Typically I pick you up at the location of your choice—usually at your hotel.

2.     1.      How much do you charge?

            I charge $30/hour with your vehicle, or $35/hour with mine. Some people hire me for just a couple hours, most for all day--it's up to you!  My SUV can hold myself and three passengers comfortably (or four if we squeeze a bit).  

3.      Can I take photos?
     Definitely.  The Amish don’t pose for photos and don’t want their pictures taken, but there are still lots of opportunities for photos—farms, gardens, animals, scenery…  I wrote a post about that, which can be found here.  For an example of the kinds of pictures I take, look at my Facebook page, here.

What will we see?
     That totally depends on you.  We will likely drive around the Shipshe/Middlebury area, making various stops, while I talk about the culture and answer your questions.  Possibilities include: produce stands (in season), cemeteries, bakeries, Amish wooden toy shop, Amish jam shop, gardens, dairy farms, schoolhouses, Amish general stores, meat/cheese shop, Amish honey shop, Amish grocery store, quilt shops, Amish leather shop, popcorn shop, local log-cabin prayer chapel, sheep farm, Amish birdfeeder and birdhouse store, Amish herb shop, Amish greenhouses, horse auctions, a scenic drive through the countryside with photo stops, or a drive through Shipshewana to see the 14 Walldogs murals. (More about those here.) 
     A great way to figure out what you want to see is to read my blog posts.  I’ve written about 200 posts (including most of the abovementioned topics), so just skim through the titles and read the ones that interest you.  An example: After reading a post about it, I had one couple ask me to take them to the Amish junkyard!
     Some people are new to the area and are more interested in an hour or two of “reconnaissance” to familiarize themselves with it—so in that case you can pick me up and we can take a driving tour around Shipshe and Middlebury and I can I tell you the best places to eat, shop, and see things.

5.      Can we meet some Amish people?
     Yes.  I know a dozen local Amish families well enough to stop by with visitors, particularly if I give them a little advance notice.  [One note:  Dress modestly and conservatively if you are interested in this option.]
     If you visit on a school day (August through April), we may be able to visit an Amish school in session.  If we are touring at 4 p.m., we can watch cow-milking time on a farm.  I may also be able to arrange a buggy ride (if you don’t mind paying the driver for his time). 

6.      What about a lunch break?
     I know several smaller local places that are fun for a lunch stop, if we are touring all day.  A favorite with my visitors is Topeka Pizza, but there are plenty of others.

7.      Is there a best time of year to visit?
     Any time of year is good.  Each season has its special features.

8.      How can I contact you?
     Email is the easiest—swmosey (at)  You can also text me at 630.728.5308, or call me at that number.  I am retired, so my schedule is pretty flexible.

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